Poler X Nike SB

Signature furry camo pattern used throughout the the Poler X  SB collaboration. 3 color ways were produced and on the Braata shoes, the Northrup reversable hooded jacket, the furry Fremont mens chino pants, the raglan tee, hat and the OMS mens t-shirt. Role: Designer of Pattern


Poler X Agenda

Logo design for limited edition hats produced by and for an Agenda trade show. Role: Designer


Poler // Hang Tags

Hang tags for entire Poler collection. Bags, hats, napsacks, etc. Role: Designer



One Day: March 6, 2010 One City: My home town of Independence, Oregon One Book: 104 pages and images in chronological order. Role: Photographer and Designer


Digital // adidas.com

Digital content/images that lives on adidas.com Each creative is sized accordingly and lives on multiple pages, CLP, PLP, HP, Mobile, Email and Social Assets for Instagram and facebook. Role: Art Direction